Hi. I’m Andrew. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a South African engineer living and working in Johannesburg, the hub of Southern Africa.

I love learning new things. I am constantly blown away by how the internet has democratised knowledge, giving anybody with an internet connection access to the World’s knowledge. I wish more people would use the amazing opportunity the internet presents to learn something new.

My current focus areas are in software development and financial modelling. I am developing a set of online aeronautical tools to assist engineers and pilots which I am preparing to publish at aerotoolbox.net as a resource for others to use. I’m fascinated by financial markets and believe that the lack of education (and fear) around investing for a better future is a blemish on our current education system. I also however believe that this presents a massive opportunity to create something meaningful and contribute to bettering the World in which we live.

Check out my projects page to get a better idea of what is currently occupying my time.

I’d love to connect with like minded people (or those who vehemently disagree with me) so please get in touch. You can mail me on me[at]andrewrwood[dot].com or follow me on Twitter.

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