On Wing Area and Aspect Ratio

This article was first published on my website AeroToolbox.net and is a part of a series of fundamental aircraft design articles which I have authored on that site. In this post I introduce wing design with a focus on Wing Area and Aspect Ratio, and show why it is a great place to start when conceptualising a new airplane.

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On the disproportional benefits of developing a Side Project

Photo by Nathan Shipps on Unsplash

I have long been fascinated with the power that the internet has to connect like minded people from every far flung region of the globe. While human movement is still fairly constrained between self imposed borders, information is not so, thanks to the proliferation of the internet. Even more exciting is that with the multitude of tools available today, anybody can develop a voice and tell their story.

This is the story of how and why I have spent the last year or so developing AeroToolbox.net, an aerospace engineering website built to serve an existing audience of engineers and hopefully to inspire the next generation of aerospace and aviation geeks to pursue a career in this exciting field.
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